Excelsus Advanced Training of Crystallography

1st Excelsus Advanced Lectures of

X-Ray Crystallography


Carmelo Giacovazzo


(September 9th-12th, 2015)

Prof. Carmelo Giacovazzo (CNR-IC- Bari, Italy)


Excelsus Structural Solutions in collaboration with the “G. Ciamician” Chemistry Department at the University of Bologna (Prof. Lucia Maini) organizes the 1st of a series of advanced trainings addressed to a scientific industrial audience with interest in X-Ray Powder Diffraction and its applications to small organic molecular compounds.

When:  September 9th-12th 2015 (intensive, all day)

Where:   “G. Ciamician” Chemistry Department, University of Bologna - Italy

Lectures topics:

General crystallography: Space group symmetry; the metric matrix; the reciprocal lattice; mathematical background: the concept of convolution and Fourier Transform; mathematical model of a lattice and of a crystal; Thomson–Compton scattering; interference of scattered waves; scattering from atomic electrons, atoms, molecules; isotropic and anisotropic temperature factor; crystal diffraction: the Laue condition; the structure factor; reflection and limiting spheres; symmetry in reciprocal space: Laue groups, symmetry restricted phase reflections, systematic absences, determination of the space groups; the calculation of the electron density; crystallographic Least Squares; Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction

Powder Crystallography: unit cell determination; space group determination; Full Pattern decomposition; LeBail and Pawley refinements, Direct- Patterson  Methods; resolution Bias correction; direct space phasing techniques, simulated annealing, Rietveld refinements; XRPD Software Demos.

Interested people should contact:


OR fabia.gozzo@excels.us

  • Limited number of participants, first-comes first served Registration fees: 800 Eur (before May 30th), 1200 Eur (after May 30th)
  • Mandatory: study of the first 24 pages of Fundamentals of Crystallography (2nd Edition) plus exercises assigned by Prof. Giacovazzo prior to the lectures! Materials (i.e. 24-pages + exercises) distributed by Excelsus  to the confirmed participants 3 months before the training!
  • Any question about the distributed material?  Prof. Giacovazzo is available to answer them already BEFORE the lectures via email.

What you should know about these lectures

  • These are interactive lectures: you will learn X-Ray Crystallography step-by-step and check at each step with lots of exercises whether everything is clear.
  • The atmosphere is friendly so that participants would never hesitate asking questions. The rhythm is advanced, but besides the mandatory first 24 pages of Fundamentals of Crystallography (2nd Ed, distributed to participants) and introductory exercises,  you are not expected to be already a skilled crystallographer.
  • If you think crystallography is boring or difficult, you have never had the chance to attend lectures like these!